Saturday, May 05, 2012

Stop looking for spots in the sun!

This is a sentence we should learn to repeat at the beginning of each day. It guarantees long life happiness and a sane healthy mind. Can you imagine how many times we complain of so little things, menial little misshapes in our small universe? Yes, a lot. Here's some examples of the gut wrenching problems I seem to be facing on a normal day, let's say Wednesday, just for the kick:

- the alarm alarm clock insists of going off at the exact time every morning to remind me I should go to work, bloody thing won't be wrong just for once - and so the frustration begins! behold! :)

- I can't find the right clothes to wear although my two closets are overflowing and I can't part with any of the items in it although I know for a fact I use only about 40% of it

- my hair is too curly or too flat, hair spray can is empty

- the dozen pair of shoes I own don't contain one that go with the outfit I managed to put together after much bickering and swearing and sweating (yeah, I forgot to mention I also sweat a lot, not because I am so fat, although I am over a little above my target weight, but because of the frustration of having to change more than 4 times before finding something suitable for that mornings' freaking mood)

- morning traffic is something that you would expect people to complain about, in fact I noticed it's a very approachable subject in almost any given crowd in Bucharest; but, my bitching is totally not justifiable: I leave home well over 9.30 and have a 20 minute drive. Probably you're wondering what pills I must be popping for finding something wrong with this schedule, but somehow my pretty little brain is still unhappy about this as well. By the time I get to the office my face is all red, my heart is aching from all the nerves and my mouth is full of filthy swearing. Thank God this time around the sweat is gone since the good gods have given me AC in my transporting vehicle.

- morning coffee can annoy me on many levels in fact: starting with the taste of it, if I'm really cheap and buy the crappy one for less money, going to bad company in the coffee drinking lounge (yeah, we have that, can you believe how cool is that?), and going all the way to the coffee time being interrupted by a business phone call, or worse, a business meeting. Did you notice what I just did there? I used the word 'interrupted' when I was having my coffee, on the company's money, after I had already been late for work for more than 2 hours..yeah, that's something real to be mad about, right? 

- actual work (in the few hours I have to spear between getting to work, drinking my morning, my noon and my afternoon coffee, lunch, and of course the occasional chit chats I have with random people in my office I meet in the hallways) is the worst! I tell you, coming to some place, where you have more than human working conditions, where your bosses are understanding and supportive, where you can meet interesting people and make real friends, where people care about the results and are not strict if the result is sometimes not even close to what they expected and paid for, is a real pain in the ass! 

- the traffic part is repeated, obviously, when getting out of work. It's not like I can enjoy AC, music and the liberty to talk with friends of family on the phone, no, it's something I hate just because I found one driver that is moving somewhat slower than I wish for that very second

- dinner, or the lie that I don't eat dinner, but I secretly do! the scene usually pans out like this: I get home, still not that hungry from lunch, but with stomach pains from all the swearing in traffic, and say to myself this is going to be the first day I'm not going to eat dinner, like I always say. And it usually lasts, for about 2 hours, when it's already 10 or 11 at night, and I start to feel I could eat an entire cow. And to be honest, I kinda do. And then hate myself and start to blame all the above that really force me to have this lifestyle, that is clearly not my choice of living. Needless to say, this results in more and more frustration and anger, not stoping for one mere moment to realize how lucky I am to have all this, and how easy I have it! and not just in comparison with others, but in general too..I had, and still have, a pretty laid back, normal, I would even say happy, life..

But what can you do if all this unimportant and menial stuff gets in the way of seeing how much happiness and really how many good things happen to us on a daily basis (even seconds basis, I would dare). I'm not saying we  should all stop and be amazed about everything, I think at this stage we are allowed to take a few things for granted (like fire, the steam engine, the electric bulb, and so on), but it wouldn't hurt to be a little more grateful for all the days that we start and end in health, with the loved ones aside us and the days when nothing really  bad or tragic has happened to us. I mean, rest assured, life does go on, regardless of our small little existence, and it's really up to us to make a meaning out of it.

If you got to reading so far, congratulations, you are my hero and also my fan I suppose, and for that I love you! :) This post is so long because I'm on an airplane and this seamed an easy way to pass the time, and also because I heard the comedian Louis CK tell a story that inspired this post. It was something like this: he was on a flight and right before take off the airline announced that for the first time ever they would provide high speed wireless internet on the plane. Immediately after it was allowed for electronic devices to be turned on, this guys turns on the internet, uses it happily for a while, then it breaks down; the guys reaction: "Pfff! this is bullshit! the internet is down" How quick did the world owed him something he only knew existed a few minutes ago? This is a result of our world: "Everything is amazing and nobody's happy!" or how I like to put it: Stop looking for spots in the sun! 

The sun is amazing and so are you! 

Most wanted