Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Rock bottom

It's that special place you feel when you need to stop feeling. It's a state of total chaos or deadly silence. It's the embodiment of desperation and the need to know there is nothing left to loose, the determination you have to know for a fact you've destroyed all possible chances of faith. It usually affects all the systems in your life: if you normally have a drink or two, you will go for the bottle; if you smoke half a pack a day, you will burn up two packs a day like a Turkish man on vacation; if you like to have a night of fun once in a while, no commitments attached, you won't feel satisfied until you haven't screwed the entire neighborhood, and so on.
People say it's good to touch rock bottom, cause the only way to go from there is up. But who's to say you do get up anyway? What happens if your rock bottom from last year is your new baseline and this is who you are now?

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