Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday cake,earlier

I do miss me.me sitting just with me, watching grey's anatomy, being sad and crying,thinking how sad life could be. I miss being just me in this room, without no alarm clock (only mine), without that buzzing sound from your computer, without you making weird noises while you sleep. I also miss talking on the phone in my bed, late in the night. Oh...and i miss saying "my bed". Now it's "our bed". Hm...but you know what? This bed is awsome, it is a better bed than mine. And our relationship is better since we have this bed, this house, this dog. I think i am more depressed now, being me without a place, but i am happier to be so close to you everyday. I am shocked to know all the crazy things you do or think, but more opened to tell you my crazy shits. Now we have real fights, but after those fights, we can laugh out loud.Wait! I have just cried watching grey's anatomy and i can probably give a call to someone right now, when it's almost 3 o'clock. Lucky us you have this deep sleep...

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