Monday, October 22, 2012

Invisible man

You are for me more than I can explain in words.
Every time you come in and get out from my life without a word, I feel like I'm living in my favorite book "The Prodigal Son". I don't have time at all to enjoy the happiness you bring me that you have already disappeared.

You empty my soul and every time I promise to myself that it's the last time I accept this situation, but when I see you around I forget about all I have promised to me.

Once I said that you are the coolest guy who came into my life. I also said that I'll be waiting for you to solve your life situations without saying anything and without asking something till a sign will come from you. It hurts me so bad feeling all these things and nothing happens. Maybe nothing ever will happen, maybe you will remain just a beautiful dream.

I think I should convince myself that I don't own supernatural powers and not all my dreams come true. But you know how it is when you have a great dream: it makes you fight harder and go further. And I always forget the disappointment brought by this.

Most wanted