Monday, March 12, 2012

Happiness by empowerment

Happiness, they teach us, should come from inside. True, we say. But the inside of someone or something else, right? How is it possible to create happiness from your Own inside? Are we that powerful as to create, and most importantly, sustain true happiness? I believe not. At least not by the means we, citizens of the urban communities, have at the moment. I imagine that only the monks and the truly secluded religious people can reach a certain feeling of happiness because they choose to follow the rules of a Creator that cannot be reprimanded when things don't go right.
The feeling of happiness in our days, seems to be reserved only to the people that can put all their energy into following some indisputable precepts that are supposed to grant you happiness...hmm, that doesn't sound fair or double, in my world. So my questions stands: how can you create happiness from within and not depend on the actions or better yet, lack of actions of others?

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