Saturday, March 24, 2012

Control much?

Why yes, I do! Do you have a problem with that? Instead of being overpowered by my controlling nature, you should challenge it, then see how interesting things get. :)

Having control over your actions, your goals and your feelings is a good way to go about life, you can't let yourself believe one thing or another at the spike of a moment...moments are too often, too spontaneous and too random to surrender to them completely. We are supposed to grow by learning from past experiences. Every new piece of information helps us get better and better at controlling displays of disgust (mostly about work), disappointment (mostly about friends), affection or lack of thereof (mostly about the desired one). This is the way the controlling bitch (!) learns how to show and communicate the exact amount of everything in order to get the desired result and avoid losses as much as possible.

It's wrong to exercise controlling power on others. That's manipulation and it's malicious. But on the other hand, would you like to be in a speeding car that is driven by someone who is in possession of your vulnerabilities, is blindfolded and can't see the imminent 'stop' sign?

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