Thursday, August 09, 2012

I like one way streets

They give me the illusion that we are all moving in the same direction, that we all suffer from the same anxieties, fears or joys, that we all have a common goal, and that frankly, any of this makes sense at all.
One way streets are simple: you can hurry up or slow down depending on your target, the strategy is simple, and the goal is foreseeable. No stops are allowed on the one way streets, but it's perfectly fine to overpass in an elegant way if you have more fuel power and have already assured you're not making trouble for the other traffic participants.
Whereas two way streets scare me. Not because there are people moving in opposite directions, that's fine, but because a certain me and you might, without intention, end up in a front collision. And after we crash, I take too much time to realize I've been hit, too much time to repair the damage, too much time to decide which direction to continue on, and way too much time to succeed in finding my old traffic mates.
So, tell me, is my time worth it?

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