Friday, February 24, 2012

Give it to me..not!

Have you ever felt like no disaster ever comes alone? Like it's not enough it started to rain on the very same day you decided to wear a dress with high heels and have just straightened your hair, but it's downright purring? Did it ever feel that one trouble is always followed by another?

Well, I can't help but wonder why is that. I mean, it must be something more than just  coincidence, right? It just can't all be normally perfect for days/weeks and then one bad thing happens to you, and it's followed by floods and floods of shit.

Insightful reflection mood activated to find the source of this malicious prank of our mind:
    Does this happen because, as they say, the universe is a reflective matter that returns the ball depending on the quality of your backend, just like in an ill matched tennis game?
    Or maybe after something bad happens we are already depressed and we consider all the other minor mishaps subsequent to the event as being tragic, when in fact they are just parts of every day hustle that didn't bother us before?

I think it's a little bit of both. If we were to welcome the shitty days in our lives, and be positive about their outcome, the events would at least seem happier to us. How the hell we should do that, is out of my reach. In my experience, it's enough to listen to a blue hearted song from the '80 to get in the 'I'm doomed/ I'll never be happy/ Why does this keep happening to me' kind of state. But I hope other grasshoppers out there are wiser and have a stronger support system to rely on, than I do.

Viele große Küsse!

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