Tuesday, April 09, 2013

How to survive a night out

Bucharest is becoming more and more known as a cheap and snazzy party destination. Every weekend it attracts tourists all over Europe, that have access to a low cost flight route and are on the look for some good old fun. Considerably, the town is flooded two days a week by both tourists and locals that want to get down (wink - wink). The atmosphere is vibrant as tens of hundreds walk the streets from club to bar to pub in order to find the right crowd for the given mood.

However, this many people attracts a whole lot of other types of crowds, so I figured a list of do's and don't to help navigate the weekends could be useful. So here comes the wisdom accumulated through hard, long nights and bad decisions:

  • drink at home! especially if you want to have money left for rent
  • do not wear high heals! unless you are really desperate ;) old town has pedestrian cobbled streets 
  • always accept a free shot! it's quick (so you don't have to go through a lengthy annoying conversation with the one supplying it), and it's cheap enough (so it won't hurt anyone's feelings or wallet)
  • do not accept any drinks from non-Romanians! even if they are cuter, funnier, and generally more interesting than our dudes, us girls must stay together and help raise the bar for our own, otherwise they will never learn
  • dance with whomever you please, but whatever you do, please restrict yourself from doing the sleazy knee-bending grinding thing! and no quantities of alcohol will ever excuse girl on girl dancing! better yet, find a pole and grind with that, it is that much more appealing and looks way less desperate!!
  • do not trash talk in the bathroom! you are drunk and you think that is the place to vent, but believe me, those walls are not sound proof! and also, always have some kind of paper toilet on you, most clubs in Bucharest don't consider the 7 euro/ drink profitable enough as to throw in some toilet paper
  • eat before you get home! even if it's a cheap hot dog, it will at least save you the sad discovery that your fridge is yet again 'out-of-order' 
  • do not start talking with people in line to get food at 5 in the morning, they are as drunk and as horny as you are! most fights I've seen, started in this situation
  • always be nice to the honest cab drivers taking you home, you never know when you'll need them to give you a hand (or a napkin)

Next time, let's get drunk and freaky, together! :)

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